SCREEN Semiconductor Solutions Co., Ltd.


Born on the strength of superior SCREEN SPE Quartz technology and an advanced production system, our product line continues to expand from fields related to semiconductor manufacturing equipment to those of liquid crystal, medical treatment and biotechnology.

For the Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment Field

We continue to be enthusiastically involved in the development and manufacture of processing baths (quartz tanks) for semiconductor cleaning equipment. In order to enable the meticulous cleaning of such minute dirt on wafer surfaces as metallic and organic contamination, etc., SCREEN SPE Quartz supplies highly precise quartz tanks that offer absolute regularity in water flow. Making the best use of the characteristics of quartz and its high softening point of around 1,700°C, we are also actively developing and manufacturing parts for wafer heat-treatment devices, including boats and tubes.
The sizes shown in this catalog are examples.

High-precision, high-durability large-size chambers created using advanced technology and cutting-edge production systems

LED, LCD, solar cells Large-size containers of high precision and durability are indispensable in the production of these products incorporating the latest technology.
SCREEN SPE Quartz has maximized its knowhow in the processing of quartz glass developed over many years to enable the production of large-size containers (big chambers).
These containers are used in the manufacture of square or large diameter quartz tubes, an area in which processing was previously difficult.
SCREEN SPE Quartz has further developed existing technology to promote the creation of new technological strength and will continue to push forward with the development of all types of big chamber. Big chambers are unique items crucial for next-generation production, particularly of clean energy.


Quartz Tanks for 300-mm Wafer Semiconductor Equipment

♦ Chemical circulating baths (CHB)

Continuous processing is possible in CHB chemical circulating baths. High throughput is also achieved, even for chemicals such as H3PO4 and SPM that require long processing times.

♦ Single-bath cleaning baths (ONB)

The series of processes involved in chemical and water rinsing can be performed in a single bath through a constant assurance of the wetness inside the minute patterns. Moreover, because the wafers undergoing cleaning don't come in contact with the atmosphere, natural oxide film generation is suppressed.

* These are genuine SCREEN Semiconductor Solutions Co., Ltd. parts built into our FC-3000 single-bath Wet Station for 300-mm wafers.

Final rinsing baths (FR)
Quick damp rinsing baths (QDR)

Quartz Tanks for 8-inch Wafer Semiconductor Equipment

♦ Final rinsing baths (FR)

Used in the final wafer rinsing process.

♦ Quick damp rinsing baths (QDR)

Quickly cleans wafers through rapid and repeated draining and spraying.

♦ Chemical processing baths (CARO)

Flexible assembly is possible to suit the purpose, such as resist stripping, pre-diffusion cleaning, particle removal, oxide film etching, nitride film removal, etc.

* These are genuine SCREEN Semiconductor Solutions Co., Ltd. parts built into our modularly designed WS-820 series Wet Station for 8-inch wafers.

Wafer Guides

Wafer Guides and Inline Heaters

As the needs of semiconductor cleaning processes become more and more severe, LSI, VLSI, ULSI and high-integration patterns are being miniaturized more and more. At SCREEN SPE Quartz, we supply highly accurate, high-quality products that directly handle wafers in quartz tanks, such as the robot chucks that serve as transfer units and the wafer trays that serve as wafer guides. Moreover, we develop and manufacture various quartz glass products such as the inline heaters required for chemical heating in chemical processing tanks.

Parts for the Wafer Thermal Processing Equipment

SCREEN SPE Quartz supplies quartz processing parts for 300-mm wafers, such as furnace core tubing (outer, inner, reaction tubes, double-tubing, etc.) as well as boats and caps, etc., used in the semiconductor manufacturing process. In order to respond to ever more minute processes, we make the most out of the cleaning technology we have cultivated, and we answer the needs for quartz glass products that suppress surface contamination to a minimum. Based on exacting process technology and quality control, we also develop and manufacture a variety of quartz glass products such as parts for etching and ashing in bell-jar chambers, chambers for lamp annealing, etc.

For the Liquid Crystal, Medical and Biotechnology Fields

In the liquid crystal field, now undergoing remarkable growth, SCREEN SPE Quartz is advancing the development and manufacturing of substrates for photomask manufacturing. We have achieved a step-up in surface accuracy by efficiently employing the cutting, grinding, and polishing process technologies that we have cultivated during the manufacturing of quartz tanks, and we are further meeting the needs of increasing scale by introducing state-of-the-art equipment.
By further advancing into the development and manufacturing of microchips for measuring blood flow, we are focusing on the characteristic that quartz displays extremely few impurities in comparison with glass and plastics. The microfabrication technology employed at SCREEN SPE Quartz achieves groove widths and hole heights that can be controlled at the micron level, and we have received high accolades from the medical treatment and biotechnology fields where extremely high precision products are demanded. Moreover, that microfabrication technology is fostered in active collaboration with research institutes at universities and automobile manufacturers, and we are involved in the research and development of micro parts that are at the core of next generation semiconductors.
Beginning with R&D into lenses for solar batteries, an area that applies the excellent optical permeability of quartz, we are also starting the full-scale development of a number of other fields.